SkyView Visuals is New York's top drone team. We have premier equipment and skills to tackle almost any project. We specialize in Real Estate as we help top agents in the region market their profiles with our Aerial Photos, Video, Consulting and social media promotions. We don't just stop there, We've been helping video production companies for over 5 years in getting the right cinematic drone/aerial shots that they've been looking for. We don't stop there, our expertise extends in Inspection of buildings, infrastructure, 3D mapping, 2D mapping, Elevation maps, and Thermal Imaging! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!

Real Estate Solutions

Use our marketing expertise to showcase your properties to the world! We work with top brokers in New York to help promote their properties and help supercharge their sales! Between our Aerial photos, Videos, Website, social media and other expertise, let us help you to be on the forefront of Real Estate marketing

Aerial Photography

Let us help you market your Real Estate listing with beautiful and professionally edited Aerial drone photography. Don’t be fooled by others using inadequate drone photography with a go-pro camera. We use real DSLR quality photography shot by our FAA legal/exempt pilots. Then we have our editor touch up your shots delivering you with 8-15 beautiful shots. Starting at $250

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Video- Drone/ Interior Tours

Another popular choice of marketing for agent’s is to have a video that they can send to their buyers especially international! With our Interior/Exterior Drone 4K videos we can give a experience that is uplifting to the viewer providing incredible drone shots and fluid 4k UHD video to our clients that exemplifies the extra-mile they go for their own clients. Starting at $549

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Websites/ Social Media/ Marketing Consulting

Our goal is to give you the competitive edge as a broker! Today the marketing game has changed and it’s requirement to have social media & a web presence. We can help brokers create this presence by doing single listing websites or even a personal website to show all their listings. Give us a call to consult with us to create something amazing.

Industrial UAV Services

We provide a wide range of survey and mapping services.  Our capabilities include: Ortho-mosaic, Digital Terrain Model (DTM), Digital Surface Model (DSM), Volumetric, Contour Topographic mapping, 3D Visualization and Thermal Imaging using FLIR technology


Every aerial platform that we utilize for inspection is custom tailored for the job. Our capabilities include 4k Video, 50MP stills and thermal imaging. We conduct inspections with 2 operators to allow our pilots to navigate the drone around assets while our camera operator gathers data. By utilizing our drones, our customers keep their inspectors safe, increase the frequency of inspections and keep costs low.

Mapping & Surveying

We provide a wide range of survey and mapping services. Our custom sensor packages are capable of imagery up to 50MP and higher. Our capabilities include: Ortho-mosaic, Digital Terrain Model (DTM), Digital Surface Model (DSM), Volumetric, Contour Topographic mapping and 3D Visualization

Thermal Imaging

With our Aerial Thermal Imaging, drone-based thermal imaging for Fire Fighters, First Responders, and Building Inspection is more accessible than ever before.

3D Models, Elevation and Volume Metric measurements

We are able to capture drone CAD 3D models of your job site for real time visualizations, which are cloud based. We are also able to do volume measurements, Elevation mapping and simple crop health mapping

Drone Services Consulting

Carry out your own drone services in your business, whether you own a construction company, site manager, architect or a real estate firm.. We can set you up to run your own drone operations. Safely, Legally and efficiently, we will sort out all the data and the hard stuff, while you fly the drone we supply you using our superior training system

Safe and Legal

Our first priority is the safety of your business and your team. Our team  has been perfecting training systems ensuring  your surveyor team operates the drone as safely and efficiently as possible. We secure your business with liability and asset insurance, and even cover the first year’s premium. We ensure your drone and pilot is FAA compliant and train your team to get FAA certified.

Drone and Software

We supply you with the correct drone and software needed to complete the drone services your business needs. We will take care of the data aspect and make sure we have given your team the right package needed to get the job done. Whether you need mapping, 3d model, agriculture health, elevation, survey software and support. We got you!

What can you do with drones?

Create survey-grade aerial map orthomosaics on every job, without having to contract an aerial photogrammetrist.Bring your linework to life and help clients understand their land with accurate, high-resolution aerial survey imagery.Record the site exactly as it was the day it was surveyed.We remove the guesswork: own and operate a drone in your survey business inexpensively, and easily scale up your capabilities.

Cinema & Video production

Whether you’re shooting a movie where you need the perfect drone shot in 4K, with a two man drone team that’s professionally trained and FAA legal or a video for your business we’ve got you. We there for all production companies and we even have an in house production company ready for anything!

Video Production

Let our in house production team make your business that perfect video for social media!

Drone Aerial Video

Using our team of professional/Legal pilots, we have an array of drones that would suit any type of production. Shooting in 4K, 2K or 1080p HD! We use a two man team, one pilot, one cameraman giving you the right shot.


We can stream our aerial drone video live in HD for your broadcast!